Tax Compliance

Our Process

Today’s tax laws have become so complex that filing even a relatively simple tax return can be confusing. At Encore Tax Advisors LLC we’ve created a streamlined standardized process that simplifies the administration allowing us to focus our efforts on what matters most. Our tax software is highly rated and provides accurate reporting across multiple disciplines. We also maintain strict document retention policies that maintain your records in a secure environment and our working papers are audit-ready in the event of an inquiry.

  • Individuals

  • Corporations

  • Partnerships

  • Fiduciary

Foreign Reporting

Our global economy may find you working or investing outside of your home country. We have extensive experience with expatriates who are working outside the US as well as non US persons who are stationed here under various visa programs. In both scenarios, the US tax laws are complex and can be easily compromised without the proper support. In conjunction with this, inbound and outbound investments provide for a host of other nuances that are met with steep penalties if filings are not in compliance with the regulations. With over twenty years experience in this area, we are well positioned to help you navigate these challenging rules to ensure you have met your filing obligations.

  • Inbound and Outbound Compliance Reporting

  • FBAR and FATCA Reporting

  • Expatriate Tax

Tax Consulting

Family Life Cycle Planning
Business Life Cycle Planning
Matrimonial and Forensic Analysis

Family Life Cycle Planning

In addition to the emotional and spiritual changes you’ll experience when starting a family, there are a number of financial stages that you’ll need to pass through as well. We’re here to help you through each of these stages by giving you the most up to date advice that will help minimize your tax exposure and maximize your financial growth. We work well with financial advisors and attorneys to achieve the best results for you.

Business Life Cycle Planning

Starting a business means more than making your first sale. We will help you in making the right decision on how to operate your business as well as achieve post tax profitability optimization. We’ve worked closely with business owners, both large and small, to ensure that any tax credits available are utilized and deductions taken. We’ll also be here for you when you’re ready to sell, guiding you by exploring the various methods to extract the maximum value for your efforts.

Matrimonial and Forensic Analysis

Divorces are a messy affair and while emotions are running high, we often lose sight of the financial components of our lives. Its easy to ignore or forget about how the outcome of a separation will affect us. We have extensive experience in working with you and your legal counsel in understanding how you can achieve a fair and equitable result and position yourself for the future.

Tax Controversy

We represent clients in a variety of Federal and State tax matters including state residency audits, IRS examinations of Schedule C, itemized deductions, and business v. hobby losses, as well as various collection matters. We provide tips and techniques to make sure you are compliant from the very beginning and are adept at providing tax agents with a clean roadmap and authority that supports tax positions. We also have a healthy network of relationships with attorneys who specialize in this field that we collaborate with when needed.

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